Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process in which the decision making power lies only with the parties. Mort Marvin will act as an unbiased mediator to facilitate a discussion between the two parties and help them explore their choices, understand the legal challenges and opportunities, improve communication, and reach a settlement that both parties have agreed on. Drawing on his vast experience in divorce law, Attorney Marvin will be non-adversarial while offering the insight knowledge of the law to guide parties through their decision making process.


In some circumstances, cases may benefit from arbitration where Attorney Marvin will hear the parties’ case with their respective counsel and render a decision in a private hearing. Strictly confidential, arbitration is designed by the parties and their counsel to meet their specific needs, including which issues to arbitrate, the scope of discovery, time and location and how evidence will be presented. This is a private litigation presided by Attorney Marvin that is created and executed in a tailored, straightforward fashion.

Case Evaluation

Attorney Marvin is available to consult on an individual’s case and provide advisement on how he thinks the court will react based on his expertise and experience. After examining the case’s strength’s and challenges, Attorney Marvin will conduct an evaluation and make recommendations to parties on how to proceed. This private consultation is available to individuals or to their legal counsel in either litigation or arbitration cases.