Mediate, Don't Litigate


You've made a tough decision and its time to start the process of divorce or separation. It can be a difficult and emotional time, when it seems like there are insurmountable differences that will cost you a lot of time, money and peace of mind to resolve.

Mediation can be a more efficient, peaceful means to negotiating a divorce settlement. Under the unbiased guidance of an experienced lawyer, parties can reach an agreement privately in half the time and at significantly less costs than through litigation. You will have the opportunity to be heard, discuss conflicts productively and walk away with an agreement that will leave you feeling satisfied, and even possibly, on speaking terms with each other.

As an attorney practicing Divorce and Family Law in Connecticut for over 50 years, Morton Marvin has been through some of the most difficult negotiations, involving both high net worth parties and others that require meticulous attention and experience to resolve. He understands the complexities of divorce law and how to negotiate their challenges to reach favorable outcomes.

Before putting yourself and your family through the stressful and rigorous process of the court system, you should consider mediation and the possibility of an non-contentious divorce.

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